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Sage Data Management and Analytics (SDMA)

Get comprehensive self-service business intelligence tools, including data modeling and data warehousing, for role-based, anywhere / anytime reporting from multiple sources and help your business grow faster than ever before. Integrated with Sage X3.

View It All… Right from Sage X3

Today’s agile businesses require real-time data about nearly every business process, but combining multiple data sources for reporting can take up too much of your labor time. With Sage Data Management and Analytics (SDMA) for Sage X3, you can access all your data, all at once – all from within your ERP program.

Not only does this save time in every department, it also helps you spot inconsistencies and exceptions faster because every person throughout your company will finally have the seamlessly integrated metrics they need to see the big picture.

Fast Deployment

A flexible program that integrates with multiple sources to bring actionable, real-time data to your fingertips anywhere and anytime sounds great… but it also sounds like the kind of thing that takes months to set up. Impressively, Sage Data Management and Analytics takes only a few days to deploy. (Complex setups may require a couple of weeks at most.)

The fast deployment model of SDMA is due to the many pre-built data maps built in to the system, programmed to draw in exactly the right data with little to no effort. This helps your business sync more data in less time, and can provide a historical record while you migrate your business to an upgraded platform.

Build and Share Reports with Ease

The ad-hoc, extremely flexible reporting in SDMA provides on-screen access to a wide variety of pre-built dashboards and reports, but sometimes it takes a custom report to find a custom strategy. Sage has got you covered with easy-to-build, drag-and-drop reports that export to PDF, CSV, or Excel, so you can share relevant data any time you need to, and can use your favorite tools to slice and dice your metrics however you see fit.

Relevant Information for the Whole Enterprise

Because Sage Data Management and Analytics syncs with so many sources, the program will empower your entire organization to access the data they need – any time, all the time.
Intelligent, role-based access tools help you quickly create actionable dashboards and drill-down reports for absolutely anyone in your company, from marketing and sales, to accounting, manufacturing, and beyond. With SDMA, your data is on demand.


  • Intuitive, self-service business intelligence
  • Integrate data from ERP and non-ERP sources
  • RESTful API connectors send and receive data
  • Role-based access provides actionable data companywide
  • Secure data protection keeps business info private
  • Flexible dashboards, reports, exporting, and drill-down
  • Data warehousing handles big data with ease
  • Drag-and-drop custom reports or templates
  • Prebuilt maps sync data automatically
  • Deploys in days

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