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Sage X3 Core Functionality

Sage X3 is a fast, flexible, and easy to use enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that meets the needs of small to medium-sized businesses focused on growth. This robust software offers competitive advantages for both process and discrete manufacturers as well as wholesale distributors.

Expand Your Manufacturing Footprint

Whether you’re a discrete or process manufacturer, today’s business landscape creates more challenges than you’ve ever seen before. From eCommerce competition to global regulations and corporate sustainability practices, Sage X3 has got you covered.

Choose Sage X3 to improve your work and cost center management, routings, bills of material, formulas and recipes, scheduling, replenishment, quality control, and production analysis. The flexible Sage X3 system was made to drive your business forward and keep you at the cutting edge of innovation.

Gain Insight into Your Supply ChainAn Introduction to Sage X3

Traceability is a required feature for many of today’s businesses, but legacy ERP software often doesn’t have the capabilities to track items all the way down your supply chain. If you face a recall or FDA auditors come knocking, you’ll need to have access to this information within 24 hours.

With Sage X3, you can trust that you’ll always know what’s going on in your supply chain – and you can access necessary documentation within minutes. Not only does the program provide full backwards and forwards traceability for all your products and supplies, it also offers analytics that help you better assess your suppliers and trading partners so you can stay agile with fast decisions at critical times.

Take Control of Your Finances

Global sales, distribution, and production make financial management a lot harder, especially when you need to analyze global profits in different currencies and with surprising usage rules and taxes.

Make financial management easier for your company with multi-language and multi-currency capabilities, and take advantage of the many tax integrations available for Sage X3 so that you can excel with your analytics, budgets, reporting, accounting functions, and cash management across the globe.

Supercharge Your Sales and Service

In today’s world, online sales and service are a requirement for businesses that want to meet their customer needs, but companies often find that the duplicate data entry required for eCommerce sales is a time-wasting hassle. Plus, companies that expand too quickly without the software they need to support their growth may damage long-term customer relationships by neglecting to provide the personalized service they were known for as a small business.

Maintain your personalized service for long-standing customers and close new deals faster with the eCommerce-integrated, mobile-friendly, modern business management system that Sage X3 provides. Not only does Sage X3 make it easier to view and manage detailed customer information and online sales in a few simple clicks, it also makes day-to-day tasks easier to handle and faster to complete. Manage your contacts, enter orders, configure products, and provide loyalty-building services with the full-service capabilities that you’ll get with Sage X3.

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  • Get a clear overall view or drill down into any location
  • Mobile friendly and built for online access
  • Scalable software grows with your company
  • Meet your needs as an F&B, pharma, or medical device manufacturer
  • Tailored functionality for distributors
  • Multi-currency, multi-location, multi-language
  • Seamlessly move stock and jobs between locations
  • Single source of information for all client contact
  • Share data worldwide in real-time
  • Robust analytics provide enterprise-level insight
  • Eases labor arbitration decisions

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