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Sage X3 Intelligence Reporting

If you're ready to customize Excel to get a better look at your business performance, you're ready for the real-time data integration of Sage X3 Intelligence Reporting. Ready to use from Day 1, this interactive financial reporting tool was built to increase your analysis power by connecting your Sage X3 data directly into the financial management tool you've been using for years.

Save Time

An ERP is a critical business tool that keeps your company on track, so it generates and stores all your detailed business data for you. However, ERPs aren’t known for their abilities to slice-and-dice the numbers.

That’s what Excel is for. But moving all your data to Excel wastes a lot of time.

If you’re tired of exporting ERP data to Excel, you’ll be glad to hear that Sage X3 Intelligence Reporting automatically exports your data for you. That’s right, all you have to do is open Excel, and your Sage X3 data will be ready to go. Plus, since Intelligence Reporting automatically distributes reports to your colleagues, you’ll also save time on emailing each week.

Get Real-Time Data

Old data is critical for historical comparisons, but it won’t help you decide what to do right now. In today’s disruptive business landscape, you need up-to-date data at all times so you can determine when to pivot and when to stay the course. After all, if you don’t take advantage of emerging trends, your competitors will. To stay ahead, you need real-time data.

Not only does Sage X3 Intelligence Reporting offer tight Sage X3 integration so you can see the second-by-second changes in your operations, the powerful Excel reporting program also integrates with other ODBC-compliant applications, which means your reports can automatically draw in real-time information from multiple sources at once.

When you have access to the big-picture view and drill-down capabilities from a variety of databases, you’ll be able to report, analyze, and make decisions – all in less time than it took you to export in the past.

View Data Your Way

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many numbers is a good chart worth? If you don’t have the current capabilities to view your ERP data in charts and graphs, you’ll be required to scroll through long data columns to find answers to even the smallest questions. The big, important questions—such as your YoY actual vs. budgeted amounts—will take hours to find when you have to parse through large spreadsheets.

Get fast information at a glance with visual views built in to Sage X3 Intelligence Reporting, as well as easy methods for designing new reports. Whether you’re an Excel pro or you’re just beginning your journey to spreadsheet mastery, the tools in Intelligence Reporting will help you build seamless, accurate visual reports with drill-down and roll-up functionality that helps you access and understand complex data faster.

Turbocharge Excel

With its nearly unlimited formulas and data visualization capabilities, there’s a reason Excel is the preferred tool for financial analysis in businesses of all sizes. But Excel works best when it has access to all your data – and if you have a single data gap in your reports, your agile business may make the wrong decision at a critical time. A mistake like that would be hard to recover from.

Sage X3 Intelligence Reporting connects all your data to Excel, including data from Sage X3 and other sources, so you have everything you need to build and run seamless, accurate reports within seconds. With up-to-date data in Excel, you’ll have the freedom to manipulate your data immediately, so you can get the answers you need – lightning fast.


  • Included with newer versions of Sage X3
  • Real-time data in your Excel program
  • Design your own custom reports or use report wizards
  • Use your formulas on Sage X3 data – no export needed
  • Automatically distribute reports on schedule
  • Consolidate multi-company & multicurrency data with ease
  • Use with multiple data sources
  • Dimensional filtering and roll up
  • Actionable analytics on demand

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