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Sage X3 Global Management

In today's global economy, companies that can expand their footprint past the national border achieve nearly unlimited growth potential. Sage X3 helps your business take advantage of globalization using a single, multi-locational, multi-language, multi-currency tool that integrates all your business data together into one system so that all your employees have the real-time data they need, no matter where they are.

Expand Your Footprint

Midsize companies often hesitate when making the leap to global operations, though the benefits these days seem self-evident: lower labor costs, increased sales potential, and better supply chains. International growth can lead to higher profits if done right, but to succeed, you need the right tools and the right support, at the right price.

Sage X3 is one of the leading ERPs for businesses wanting to extend their operations and sales into greater territory. Not only does Sage X3 help your company maintain seamless operations at all locations, it also provides insight into worldwide operations in real-time. Plus, since your entire company is managed by a single, scalable software solution that’s mobile friendly, it saves on costs and makes intercompany communication a breeze.

Bring Your Company Together

The fragmented nature of yesterday’s legacy ERPs made business analysis a troublesome task. Because each location held its own data silo, intelligent planning coordination took hours of meetings and emails, and full data sync was a costly nightmare. Thankfully, all that has changed.

Sage X3 is an affordable, modern business software built for today’s needs. Not only does Sage help you keep your business on track with real-time data integration across your entire enterprise (no matter where the data is coming from), it also aids understanding with multi-language capabilities that make reports and orders easier to understand for all your employees.

Since Sage X3 is mobile friendly, it also helps you work better with remote employees, sales staff in the field, and other out-of-office workers. Everyone comes together with Sage X3.

Get the Full Picture

Complex software-exporting and different time zones make it hard for multi-locational companies to accurately compare data across the enterprise, yet identifying trends and reducing time-wasting inefficiencies is critical for business success, considering today’s tight margins and stiff competition.

Sage X3 makes real-time data securely accessible to management in every one of your locations, no matter what time zone they’re in, what currency they use, or what language they speak. When everyone in your company relies on a single source of truth, you’ll spend less time talking about the data – and more time talking about solutions.

Seamless Service

When considering global expansion, many companies consider communication, currency, and culture conflicts, but they neglect to consider the fact that they’ll need software support in each of their locations.

When you choose Platform Technology Advisors as your reseller, you’ll know that your Sage X3 system is supported by reliable partners here in California, and you’ll also have access to the international support offered by Sage.

With a single business management solution like Sage X3, you’ll have the freedom to get fast help for your software in the Philippines, India, or anywhere else – using the friendly, local technicians and consultants right in your own backyard.


  • Single source of information for all locations
  • Multi-currency, multi-location, multi-language
  • Mobile-friendly software
  • Intelligent, easy-to-read dashboards
  • Real-time data sharing worldwide
  • Secure, permissions-based access
  • Scalable, customizable software
  • Global alerts, workflows, and report-sharing
  • Local support for international software
  • Better customer service with a single customer view

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