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Sage 100 Manufacturing (JobOps)

Managing limited resources to meet tight deadlines and deliver a quality product or service at a profit is one of the hardest challenges small business owners face. JobOps helps with business automation that eases management for inventory, labor, and resources to make manufacturing, installation, and field service faster, more efficient, and highly profitable. Integrates with Sage 100cloud (formerly Sage 100c, Sage 100, and MAS 90).

Grow Your Business

Serving more customers is one of the best ways to grow a business, but when you or your workforce is overwhelmed, your productivity goes down. With JobOps, you can confidently accept the extra business your competitors can’t handle, even during peak seasons, because you’ll be able to plan properly to complete extra work.

Speed Order Completion

Unexpected time spent on a job leads to lost profits. Optimizing jobs increases your profits. Whether on your shop floor or out in the field, planning with full insight into necessary labor, resources, and inventory helps you finish each job quickly.

In addition, JobOps helps your workflow because its tight integration with Sage 100cloud reduces or completely eliminates your time spent on duplicate data entry for scheduling and planning.

Keep Customers Satisfied

When you’re rushed, your customers can tell. Not only are you more likely to make mistakes when you’re running behind, you also may miss or forget important communications with your customers.

Plan properly and confidently for every job with JobOps and you’ll know you have the time to focus on delighting your customers in every interaction.

Achieve Predictable Profits

Say goodbye to poor forecasts, inaccurate resource predictions, and other critical issues that cut into your bottom line. JobOps helps you estimate correctly and quote accurately, so you can expect good profits on every job.


  • Reduces or eliminates data entry
  • Streamlines job and order planning
  • Integrates with Sage 100cloud
  • Helps improve your profits
  • Increases your workforce and order agility
  • Made for manufacturers, installers, and field service

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