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Sage Time

Sage Time makes it effortless for you to track and process your labor hours through paperless, ERP integration that saves time and reduces clutter. Use with a nearly unlimited range of time-tracking tools—standard clock, smartphone, SMS Punch, biometrics, and more—to ease payroll and improve your compliance with labor reporting laws.

Time Clocking in the Office or Remotely

Every day, every single one of your employees clocks in and out repeatedly. If you don’t have an automated method of capturing that time, it won’t take long before you’re drowning in timesheets – and falling behind on payroll.

Spend less time sorting through paper and more time growing your business with the power of Sage Time’s paperless, automated time-clocking software that gives you the time you need to increase your competitive edge.

Intelligent Self-Service

Paper systems or spreadsheets make it hard to find answers when you need them. That’s why Sage Time offers manager and employee self-service options for immediate, at-a-glance access to up-to-date time and attendance information 24/7.

In addition, your staff can log in to track and manage time-off accruals or make advance requests for vacations. Requests will first be assessed by automated approval workflows set to your custom parameters, then forwarded to you if further action is needed.

Information How You Want It

An informed business is a prepared business. Sage Time provides you, your managers, and your employees with up-to-date dashboards, custom analytics, and specialized reports – as well as unlimited customizable report views so you stay informed at all times.

Don’t want to waste time checking information? Sage Time automates your time tracking with exception tracking and a notifications module that calls your attention to critical items only, so your time tracking can seamlessly hum along while you focus on the real work of growing your company.

Time Tracking Done Your Way

Our on-the-go culture means that, at any given time, your workforce might be anywhere in the world. Sage Time keeps all your labor hours up to date and accurate, any time and anywhere. Ensure accurate data for your salesperson on the road, your flex staff working from home, your offshore developers, and more – all with the power of Sage Time.


  • Available anywhere / anytime
  • Nearly unlimited time-tracking methods
  • Automated workflows, exceptions tracking, and notifications
  • Integrates with Sage People and Sage Payroll Full Service
  • Error-free, paperless data integrates with ERP
  • Secure, controlled access
  • Self-service options, including time off request tool
  • Accrual tracking and management
  • Custom analytics, dashboards, and reporting
  • Scale as you grow with flexible add-ons

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