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Inventory management requires two things: having enough inventory and being able to find that inventory when you need it. Multi-Bin helps you keep your warehouse organized with materials, items, kits, and products at your fingertips all the time.

Store Everything Efficiently

With the size of today’s warehouses and the speed that distributions operations must use to fulfill orders, it’s all too easy for warehouse harmony to become warehouse havoc.

With Multi-Bin, you can ensure that everything is stored intelligently and efficiently in your warehouse, using automatic allocation functions and instant bin transferring tools that seamlessly integrate with your Sage ERP and warehouse management solution.

Find Anything at Any Time

Running on a deadline and looking for a single item for a dropship order? Of course you are; you’re running a modern warehouse! Considering your tight margins and customer satisfaction requirements, you can’t afford to waste time with employees wandering your warehouse searching for a misplaced item.

Multi-Bin helps you find anything in your warehouse quickly with full item and bin visibility, as well as detailed item location reporting and the ability to explode kits when needed.

Improve Pick, Pack, and Ship Speed

In the distribution and logistics industry, faster speeds directly equate to higher profits. Therefore, it’s critical that you continue to improve your pick, pack, and ship speed year round.

Intelligence warehouse management solutions like Multi-Bin help your employees work faster and reduce wander time with smart bin names that make sense, kit-building assistance for complex orders, and detailed item location reporting that helps direct employees to the right products at the right time.

Plus, since Multi-Bin seamlessly integrates with ScanForce mobile barcoding tools, those faster orders will be more accurate than ever before.

Combine with ScanForce for Full Warehouse Productivity


  • Full item visibility
  • Automatic or manual allocation for items
  • Integrates with premium mobile barcoding tools
  • Increases warehouse speed
  • Detailed reports for item location
  • Intelligent bin naming tools
  • Instantaneous bin transfer
  • Explode or build kits
  • Store items in multiple bins or one bin
  • Increases warehouse efficiency

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