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Discrete Manufacturing

As a discrete manufacturer, your time is ruled by planning for lead times, costing, supplies, and labor capabilities. That’s why Sage software and integrated add-ons are built to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re a small kitting operation or an international large-scale manufacturer,Platform Technology Advisors can help you stay on top of planning and tracking, and maintain insight into real-time production speeds so you can continually improve.

Improve Operations

Business growth comes from accepting new clients, meeting faster production schedules, and completing more work in less time – but discrete manufacturers have so much to track in their organizations that it can be hard to figure out which processes you can improve.

Platform Technology Advisors’s discrete manufacturing systems and tools help your business increase efficiency by providing insight into your current operations, making actionable suggestions for improvement, and helping you track how your changes affect your operations in real time.

Maintain Flexibility

With today’s quicksilver business landscape and volatile supply chains, your company’s reaction time can mean the difference between unprecedented success and devastating losses.

Don’t let your aging business tools limit your profitability in comparison to your competitors; choose the latest manufacturing ERP solutions from Sage so your agile company can accurately and easily plan—and meet!—the production deadlines your impatient clients require.

Integrate and Automate

Though discrete manufacturers create unique individualized products, they usually do so with standardized parts and components combined in innovative ways. Shouldn’t you have the same freedom with your business software?

Some ERPs claim they can meet your needs with an all-in-one solution, but here at Platform Technology Advisors, we believe that your manufacturing company deserves the flexibility to mix and match integrated solutions so you can build the perfect solution that supports your specific strategic growth goals.

View Critical Metrics

The daily pressures of running a manufacturing business require you to constantly respond to emergencies. But don’t you have a nagging suspicion that many of your last-minute issues could have been avoided if only you knew the source of each problem or delay? A modern ERP helps you access the information you need, when you need it, so you can identify and solve problems instantly.

With Sage ERP for discrete manufacturers, you can dig in deep to your supplier delivery times, waste calculations, individual labor performance, inventory levels, channel profitability, materials usage, compliance statistics, and more – all with highly detailed, completely customizable metrics, analytics, and reports that drive your business forward.


  • Automate routine manufacturing tasks, reports, and more to save time
  • Robust reporting and analytics make big data useful and manageable
  • Integrate with a large ecosystem of modules and third-party solutions
  • End-to-end supply chain control and insight
  • Multi-location, multi-currency, multi-language
  • Single source of consistent data across the enterprise
  • Connect the dots between BOMs, suppliers, compliance, production, returns, recalls, and profits
  • Instant access to work in process, upcoming work orders, inventory, and shipping
  • Track lots and serial numbers for efficient QC and certification
    Small business to large enterprise solutions

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