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Sage Inventory Advisor

Reduce stock outs and avoid excess supply with the business intelligence software built specifically to optimize your inventory: Sage Inventory Advisor. Also known as NETSTOCK, this cloud-based powerhouse solution offers a quick ROI by providing accurate, up-to-date inventory information at a glance, along with personalized ordering suggestions.

Fully Integrated with Your Sage ERP

A lot of programs sound like they’ll do wonders for your forecasting and planning, but then they require you to spend so much time exporting and importing data that you’re left with very little opportunity for analysis. Sage Inventory Advisor integrates with your Sage ERP to eliminate manual exports and imports – and the application does a lot of the analysis for you.

Complete Cloud Solution

One large order can change your stock levels significantly, and in a JIT environment, even small orders matter a great deal. If you’re away from the office when a critical sale occurs, you may not know about its impact until it’s too late.

Cloud-based Sage Inventory Advisor offers anywhere / anytime access to your current stock levels and recommendations, so you stay informed at all times. In addition, cloud freedom means no updates, low monthly subscription pricing, and fast deployment.

Provides Meaningful Data

Planning and forecasting accurately is a high-stakes art form. Get it right and you have satisfied customers. Get it wrong and your business may be in serious trouble.

Sage Inventory Advisor helps with quality forecasts, slice-and-dice drilldowns, and color-coded reports that help you plan well and respond appropriately to unexpected inventory changes.

Personalized Suggestions

Avoid potential inventory issues with early warnings, or set custom item policies and parameters to get optimal order replenishment recommendations based on your current inventory needs and preferences.


  • Actionable improvements and forecasts
  • No updates needed – ever
  • Personalized replenishment recommendations
  • PGP data encryption keeps data secure
  • Built-in order and supplier management
  • Color-coded easy view options
  • Notifications for inventory action items or thresholds
  • Flexible policies and customizable parameters
  • No manual import or export
  • Slice and dice, standard reports, or dashboard views

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