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DoubleCheck Live

Ready to use mobile devices to collect the important business data you need for increased productivity and growth? DoubleCheck Live is a flexible development tool that helps your company sync mobile barcode scanners, tablets, RFID scanners, forklift-mounted terminals, and other devices directly into your Sage ERP in real time.

Automate Data Collection

Tracking down data from multiple sources takes time. Plus, all those sources can cause lost records, plummeting accuracy, and a lack of insight when you need it. But how can you gather data without a brand-new, end-to-end system? By choosing a flexible data-integration tool that sources data directly from the devices you already use, then places that data right into your Sage ERP for you.

Simply use pre-built transactions or create your own from SQL stored procedures to access the information you need in real time.

Learn More on Your Schedule

Not sure of everything your business needs to know about to grow? Some application implementations require you to set up all your systems and reports at the outset, but DoubleCheck Live empowers you to build your knowledge, collection methods, and reports as you go along.

When you’re ready, gather data about production, manufacturing, inventory, assets, compliance, relevant metrics, and more – and build or evolve flexible reports to deliver the knowledge you need as your company changes. Basic SQL knowledge is required.

Grows with You

Getting tied to a single mobile solution brand or a single business management system may cost too much at this stage of your business development, but with DoubleCheck Live, you can integrate virtually any mobile device to any ERP giving you the flexibility you need right now.

As your business acquires new ERPs and new devices, rest assured that you can integrate those using DoubleCheck Live as well. It’s a solution that grows with you.

Real-Time Data – Real Fast

Use DoubleCheck Live to access real-time data from anywhere in your warehouse, shop floor, or beyond – and get your access soon. With fast deployment that puts data at your fingertips, you may be able to set up your system in time to optimize your next big order with confidence.


  • Connect to any ERP, including Sage ERP
  • Sync nearly any mobile device
  • Collect nearly any data
  • Build your own detailed reports
  • Scale up or down easily
  • Add functionality when you want to
  • Fast deployment
  • Real-time insight and integration
  • Use pre-built transactions or create your own
  • Customizable to your exact needs

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