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Is Sage 100 Right for Me?

Sage 100cloud (formerly Sage 100c, Sage 100, and MAS 90) is tailor made to meet the needs of small and medium manufacturers and distributors looking for a way to handle complex business processes with ease. The integrated system in Sage 100cloud empowers your company to meet government compliance while you reduce your administrative time and cut your reliance on error-prone spreadsheets.

Improve Production as a Manufacturer

Other programs can meet your accounting needs, but as a manufacturer your business requires flexible processes such as job shop processing and FIFO costing. Does your current accounting method provide you with that or are you wasting your time handling that manually?

Companies that choose Sage 100cloud can surpass their competitors by delivering a better product in less time at a lower price because when you work with an ERP made for your needs, it’s easier for you to perform the processes that build your business.

Companies that are ready to order and store raw materials from anywhere in the world and optimize jobs to produce more at a faster pace—all while reducing tiresome administrative tasks—are ready to look into Sage 100cloud.

Optimize Inventory as a Distributor

Since Amazon set the bar for customer delivery expectations, today’s distributors have had to utilize more shipping methods and navigate an ever-shifting world of online sales – including selling through Amazon themselves with timelines that can overwhelm your business if you’re not prepared.

Feel overburdened? You’re not alone. The Aberdeen Group recently determined in a study* that “the top challenge facing growing organizations is unpredictable demand,” a trouble that can impact sales, inventory storage costs, and even ongoing supplier relationships.

Sage 100cloud helps your distribution business accomplish more with comprehensive inventory and warehouse management, integrated EDI capabilities, and optional advisement tools that help you maintain optimum inventory levels and pricing.

In addition, Sage 100cloud integrates with a number of shipping solutions for easier freight costing and planning, no matter which shipping mode you’re using.

Enhance Business Growth with Better Management Tools

Your company has evolved many times since your startup days. However, as you’ve delegated critical tasks to various employees, you’ve lost a lot of insight into the day-to-day functioning of your business because getting reports or feedback from your busy staff can take too much time. This delay in information may disrupt your ability to improve your business using the razor-sharp instinct and bend-over-backwards service that brought your company where it is today.

As an ERP (enterprise resource planning system), Sage 100cloud helps you get that critical insight back. By uniting your front and back office systems together into a seamless whole that provides the same, up-to-date information to you and all your employees, you’ll know you can always keep your finger on the pulse of your business and grow confidently.

Sage 100cloud Is a Great Fit for:

  • Light manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Growing professional services businesses
  • Companies struggling with government compliance
  • Swiftly growing organizations needing integrated Payroll, CRM, and HR tools
  • And more…

Sage 100cloud Resources

*Source: ERP’s Impact on Demand Planning: Crucial Capabilities for Accurate Forecasts, Aberdeen Group (August 2015)