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Big-box retailers each have their own data requirements, shipping preferences, and detailed forms, and as a supplier, every error you make results in a costly fee. Meeting high-stakes, detailed demands can take round-the-clock data entry and EDI management in peak seasons – unless you have MAPADOC, the EDI that looks and feels just like your Sage ERP and makes it easy to meet retailer mandates without a hitch.

Connects to Your Retailers

An EDI solution isn’t very helpful if it only works with some of your retailers. MAPADOC connects with more retailers than the competition using ready-to-go document “maps” that streamline your trading-partner communications for you.

The MAPADOC staff is happy to set up new retailer integrations quickly, or to train you how to set up your own maps on the fly.

Integration with Your Preferred Tools

You’re already saving time in your warehouse with barcoding solutions, shipping automation, and warehouse management software integrated with your Sage ERP – but you need even more time than these tools can provide.

MAPADOC syncs with the major warehouse and shipping tools in the industry, so you can keep working the way you’re used to, but get much more done in the time you have.

Scalable As You Grow

EDI (electronic data interchange) works better with more retailers, more trading partners, more suppliers, and more insight for all of your staff members. That’s why MAPADOC promotes scalability with no-cost additional user seats and companies.

Error-Free Validation

When you’re trading with big-box retailers, every mistake you make will cost you. A lot. Reduce or eliminate errors entirely with MAPADOC’s built-in data validation tools, which help you maintain accuracy and retailer compliance at every stage in your order fulfillment process.


  • Integrates with leading warehouse management systems / devices
  • More retailer communications than the competition
  • Nationwide support in your time zone
  • Data validation helps ensure accuracy
  • Embedded EDI looks and feels like your Sage ERP
  • Easy-to-use turnkey solution
  • Add users or companies with no extra costs
  • Updates to match latest Sage ERP version quickly
  • Friendly support team of Sage ERP and EDI experts
  • Trusted solution since 1987

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