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Make sales tax less taxing with Avalara, the Sage-ERP integrated, automated sales tax software that helps you determine, charge, file, and pay your taxes stress free. Avalara, also known as AvaTax or Sage Sales Tax, additionally manages your exemption certificates so you can be confident that you’re charging the right tax amounts to the right customers and paying at the right times. Guaranteed.

Taxes Made Easy

Tax laws change all the time – and the more than 12,000 tax jurisdictions in the United States are hard to determine and impossible to memorize. Don’t bother wasting your time picking through detailed tax laws, let Avalara handle that instead. Their automated, cloud-based system is always up to date and figures all the numbers for you.

Manage and Validate Exemption Certificates

The IRS sure does require a lot of paperwork. With Avalara, it’s easy to keep your paperwork in order with exemption certificate management, storage, and validation, including timely exemption certificate expiration reminders that help you and your customers ensure tax compliance throughout the year.

Get Coast-to-Coast Taxes Right – Guaranteed

Selling online? Know all the latest tax rates everywhere in the U.S.? We didn’t think so. But Avalara does, so you don’t have to know the sales tax in your own state or the other 49.

In addition, the Avalara accuracy guarantee promises that if Avalara gives you incorrect information that leads to an inaccurate filing, they will pay all your uncollected tax, penalty, and interest, or will refund your previous 12 months of Avalara service fees.

Integrate with Sage ERP

Skip duplicate data entry when you share transaction data directly between your Sage ERP system and Avalara. Seamless integration makes it easy to set up customers with the right jurisdiction and then charge accurate sales tax from right within your ERP, hassle free.


  • Cloud based and up to date
  • Sage ERP integration
  • Makes it easy to charge, file, and pay your sales taxes
  • Stores and validates exemption certificates
  • Guarantees accurate sales taxes every time
  • Instantly calculates taxes anywhere in the U.S.
  • Especially helpful for online sellers
  • Displays tax information within Sage ERP
  • Auto-assigns customers to tax jurisdictions

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