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More than 5,000 companies use StarShip to automate their shipping process with multi-carrier flexibility that reduces the time your entire company spends on rate shopping, freight scheduling, tracking, and reporting. With ERP and EDI integration, StarShip provides the critical link to create an end-to-end supply chain solution that keeps your company on track and productive.

Streamline Shipping

Shipping data is extremely detailed and must be entered quickly, yet a single error can result in losing a customer as well as valuable inventory. When you integrate StarShip with your ERP, EDI, or Amazon.com, you’ll know your shipping data is accurate and you’ll spend less time tracking misplaced or delayed packages.

Reduce Rate Shopping

Today’s customer-driven sales environment requires that every shipment be sent in a different method or mode, but requesting and sorting through an avalanche of quotes can get overwhelming.

Take back your time (and your inbox) with browser-based rate shopping for your whole office, including numerous carrier options, multi-mode capabilities, and even time-saving automatic shipping selections based on your custom parameters.

Customize Shipping Labels and Emails

Shipping provides a valuable customer communication opportunity, but most companies neglect to brand themselves during this process – or they rely on dull, auto-generated shipment confirmation emails from carriers.

StarShip frees you to customize your shipping labels, packing slips, and emails, so you never miss another chance to gain and leverage customer awareness.

View Up-to-Date Data

From real-time dashboard reporting to ERP and EDI processing or warehouse management applications, the wide range of reporting options and integrations that StarShip offers ensure that your shipment and supply chain information is up to date when you need quick answers.


  • Supports major carriers
  • Integrates with your Sage ERP
  • Saves time on rate shopping
  • Automatic shipping selections create extra time savings
  • Integrated with leading WMS solutions
  • Connects to a range of EDI providers
  • Customizable customer communications deliver branding
  • LTL, TL, small parcel, regional, and other flexible options
  • Real-time dashboard reporting
  • Plug and play in your warehouse

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