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Combine CRM and eCommerce into a single solution that provides a true 360˚ view of your customer, including all interactions along their buyer’s journey and beyond. ERP-integrated with fail-proof Perfect Sync technology, CIMcloud is easy to set up and easy for you and your customers to use.

All Around CRM

Often, a CRM only provides helpful information for your sales and marketing pipeline, but once the sale is complete, the CRM doesn’t help promote long-term customer engagement. With CIMcloud, that’s all about to change.

By centralizing every customer interaction—online, on the phone, human-to-human, and self-service—into a single source, then integrating that information into your ERP, your team will always have the in-depth information they need to provide a seamless customer experience for your loyal clients year after year.

Customer Portal

These days, we’re all too busy. With a second-by-second, highly agile business landscape, daily task disruptions, and more data than we’ve ever had before, it can be hard to find the time to complete job tasks in a timely manner. Newsflash: your clients have the same struggles.

That’s why CIMcloud offers round-the-clock, online B2B client access, which helps clients purchase easily on their schedule or manage their account whenever they have a few minutes to spare.

eCommerce Storefront

A talented salesperson is invaluable in a B2B environment because they can quickly and easily suggest appropriate substitutions, add-ons, cross-sells and upsells, and can even customize their pricing to each individual client. The only issue is that salespeople have to sleep.

Maintain your sales environment after hours and increase your revenues with an eCommerce storefront that offers a complete product catalog, cross-sells and upsells, parent-child products, promotional pricing, coupons, gift certificates, and more, 24 hours a day.

Hassle-Free Data Hub

Good technology saves your company time, but unfortunately a lot of the less-helpful new tech tools simply create slightly different work for your employees. If you’re tired of the unending updates, the mind-numbing maintenance, or the dull data syncing, CIMcloud offers the solution that will truly save your time because the CIMcloud team takes care of the background work for you.

Integrate your systems with easy-to-use ERP–integration tools and connect to eCommerce platforms, automated marketing systems, email service providers, and even EDI applications without a worry. Why? Because you know that the CIMcloud team and their Perfect Sync tool is keeping everything up to date behind the scenes.


  • Enhance customer engagement effortlessly
  • Product-centric platform showcases offerings
  • Bi-directional ERP integration keeps data up to date
  • Provide full customer self-service tools
  • Experience 100% fail-safe data syncing
  • Meet data security compliance requirements
  • Access cutting-edge, B2B-specific payment options
  • Scale up or down, instantly
  • Expand your footprint: multi-language & multicurrency
  • Stay error free with built-in tax & shipping calculations

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