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Download the “Distributors Seek Edge: Technology Investments Deliver Return for Small and Midsize Companies” White Paper

Although small and midsize distribution companies may be growing rapidly, they face distinct challenges in running efficient business processes.

As they seek to compete on an equal footing with their larger rivals, these companies are well aware of the issues they face.

Download the white paper to learn:

  • The top 3 challenges for wholesale distributors and how they’re meeting them
  • 11 investments distributors are making and whether they result in improvements to their business — and how these investment priorities are changing in the coming year
  • The most popular business investment and the one earning the highest returns
  • The current state of spending on compliance issues
  • The contrasts in business challenges between small (10-99 employee) and medium-sized (100-499 employee) businesses
  • What high-achieving businesses are doing

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